Blonde Ambition

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It’s no secret that the world’s obsession with blondes is never-ending. And while, we’d love to be lucky enough to come by it naturally, most of us don’t. All of the processing required to get that perfect high-lift hue can leave our locks weakened and depleted of natural oils, forcing us to deal with the after effects of all that lifting and colouring. In our quest to find the perfect muse for our latest line of Keratin products, we turned to some of our favourite iconic blondes. After all what would a blonde bombshell be if it wasn’t for her hair?

When we’re developing our products we look for two things, inspiration and solutions to our most pressing problems. That’s where Keratin Repair was born. Intensely rich, each product is infused with keratin, shea butter and silk amino acids, to nourish dry and chemically treated hair. The line breathes new life back into hair leaving it stronger, silkier and full of body.

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