Great Hair Days Begin in the Shower


If there was one product you need to achieve your healthiest, shiniest and softest hair, it’s a quality shampoo. Some shampoos contain a laundry list of harsh ingredients like Sodium Chloride, which is actually common table salt, used to thicken shampoos and can leave your hair dry and dull.

AG offers an array of shampoos formulated with natural ingredients for every need and hair type that gently battle grease, grime, chlorine and product buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils and colour. Oh, and, we pass on the salt!

So what makes AG’s shampoos so great? Each and every one is made with plant-based ingredients like chamomile, lavender, sage, nettle, rosemary and cherry bark. Sounds so good you could eat it – almost. Formulated without PABA, Parabens and DEA and we test on humans, not animals.

To take the guesswork out of finding the right shampoo for you, we’ve selected our top shampoos to tackle your hair’s specific needs:

  1. For normal to dry hair in a sulfate-free formula: Fast Food shampoo. Its rich, moisturizing formula is light enough for all hair types.
  2. For hair that is dull, lifeless and lackluster: Renew clarifying shampoo. Removes chlorine, product buildup and mineral deposits and it won’t cause colour-fade.
  3. Your hair is coloured or you spend a lot of time outdoors: Colour Savour sulfate-free shampoo. UV protection and colour extending ingredients.
  4. Your hair is dry, damaged and prone to breakage from chemical treatments: Refuel sulfate-free strengthening shampoo. Its active ingredient, Keratin strengthens and repairs damaged hair in a gentle, moisturizing formula.
  5. Your hair is intensely dry and frizzy: Xtramoist Moisturizing shampoo. Formulated with honey extracts, protein and amino acids to restore moisture and balance.
  6. Your hair has a yellow or green tinge: Sterling Silver toning shampoo. It’s violet base removes yellow and brassy tones.