Patongo, Northern Uganda – 2013-2014

History: Patongo Elementary School is located only an hour from Atanga in Northern Uganda and was also devastated by the civil war led by Joseph Kony. The students at Patongo were the subject of an award-winning documentary called War Dance, capturing the passion and focus of these students as they transitioned from children raised in a violent war environment to students competing in a national school tribal music and dance competition. Although Women Leading Change’s mandate is to build schools for girls in particular, 50 percent of Patongo’s 1600 students are girls and will be encouraged to continue their education by transferring to Atanga Girl’s Secondary School after completing their elementary education.

The Project:

2013 – Phase I

  • dormitory for 108 girls
  • built and furnished 5 new classrooms
  • 8 new housing units for teachers
  • 2 blocks of pit latrines with wheelchair access
  • rainwater catchment system
  • solar panels
  • perimeter fencing

2014 – Phase II

  • build and furnish 3 new classroom blocks (9 classrooms)
  • construct a kitchen and adjacent multipurpose dining hall for 1600 students
  • build and furnish a library
  • build and furnish an additional girl’s dormitory (108 beds)
  • construct 2 new teacher’s housing units, with kitchen and latrine facilities

Cost of Project
2012 – $270,788
2014 – $351,799
Total = $622,587

Chatter’s Canada

In 2012 we approached Chatters, the largest chain of Canadian Haircare products and services in Canada, and asked them if they might be interested in helping us fundraise for this project. They didn’t hesitate for a moment, and set upon developing their own branded cut-a-thon event they called A Beautiful Cause. Not only did all of their stores participate in the cut-a-thon and raise $104,000 in one day, but the owners of Chatters visited Northern Uganda themselves to find out first hand what they were getting involved in. Their commitment continues and they have pledged to raise an even larger amount this year through their stores across Canada. Find out more.