For our latest product, Texture Spray, we partnered with celebrity stylist Wesley O’Meara to show us how to create three easy looks with just one product. From effortless chic to a romantic classic, all you need is your blow dryer, your fingers and a little extra sleep.

Joined by beauty blogger and expert, Ann Colville Somma of CultofPretty.com, Wesley helped give Ann’s fine hair extra texture and volume by starting with a round brush blow dry until her hair was almost dry. He then applied Texture Spray throughout while scrunching and tousling her hair with his fingers, giving Ann undone, textured, bed head hair in minutes.

For our second look Wesley simply swept everything up in a messy topknot. First creating some mussed-up texture and volume by applying Texture Spray throughout, scrunching and tousling as he worked the product in. He then flipped Ann’s hair forward gathering everything into a high pony, pulling out a few pieces around her face and securing the messy bun with pins.

Our last look is inspired by carefree waves and beach time fun. Simply dampen your hair, mist Texture Spray throughout and throw your hair up into a twisted bun and secure with a single ribbon hair tie. We love these ones by Sephora; they won’t give you that dreadful bump like others do. Get 8 hours of sleep because you don’t have to spend it on your hair. Awaken to casual, carefree waves and with all that sleep you’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation.


Wesley O’Meara is represented by The Wall Group.