Keighty Gallagher


We just wrapped from a day of shooting with local, ‘it’ girl, Keighty Gallagher founder of Tight Club Athletics. The athlete turned personal trainer welcomed us to her home; a delightful little coach house in the heart of Strathcona. Her home-converted studio is the perfect setting for clients to get fit and be inspired, and if that wasn’t enough, the neighbourhood is full of charm from cool alleys to interesting character homes and urban street gardens; it’s a melting pot of new and old.

But it’s Keighty’s warm and spirited energy that’s draws you in; she has that undefinable je ne sais quoi, and will win you over with her funny stories and witty one-liners. She blends the perfect balance of fit-fashion with urban-cool, from her endless supply of Nike’s to her leather jacket and mesh workout tights. She is the girl you want to kick your butt in the gym and then catch-up with over a beer at one of her favourite Chinatown haunts.

From the moment you meet her, you know she is the real deal. Get ready to be seeing a lot more of this natural beauty. Read on to find out what inspires her.

Location: Strathcona, Vancouver
Occupation: Personal trainer
Hometown: Courtenay, BC

How did you become a personal trainer?
It’s something that evolved from years of helping my friends get active. I put 5 years into completing a business degree and decided I was over sitting on my butt. Running shoes and sports bras were much more appealing than dress pants and up-do’s.

Who is your style icon?
Robin Arzon of @robinnyc’s and Muireann Carey-Campbell of @bangsandabun are ruling the active street style scene in my books. It’s not just the clothes they wear, it’s their whole take on living an active lifestyle that inspires me. These are babes you’ve gotta check out.

You mentioned you love finding the perfect quote, do you have a favourite?
Did I? Oh man, lets see…it’s kind of cheesy but I have always lived by “Never Give Up”. It might be the reason I have the eye wrinkles of an 86 year old man, but hey, I get the job done.




How would you describe your personal style?

Functional and classic with a simple colour palette. Meshed out tights, oversized tank tops and high cut sports bra’s complete 90% of my daily kit…I also wear a-lot of my boyfriends clothes. (Total score).

Do you have a signature workout ‘move’?
Good question…I feel like I have a few. In Tight Club, I’m all about the booty! There is this one move called “Beyonces” because you literally feel them EVERYWHERE and we all know Beyonce’s booty IS everywhere.

Last summer while boxing with The East Side Boxing Gym I learned this rad move called “Licks”. It’s like the yogi chaturanga, but sluttier. I use it a lot!

What’s on your iPod?
Mostly imaginary bathtub playlists dominated by the likes of Aaliyah, D’Angelo and Beyonce. They are imaginary because I ain’t got no bathtub!

Who do you admire most?
Hen-doggy. (My luva, Henry) He is the most patient person I know. Plus we can share shoes (HALLO).

Currently obsessed with?
Running fast.

What’s this we hear about “Thump”?
Okay…maybe TMI, but remember the first time you felt your danger zone “thump”? It might have happened when you were watching a sexy movie, but it was a moment that changed my life forever.
Long story short – “Thump – the class” is designed to work your core, booty and kegels. My goal is for you to leave empowered, stronger from within (y’all know what I mean), and stoked on being a woman.

Supernatural power you’d like to posses?
Running long distances. All you ultra-marathon freaks out there, you are all super hero’s in my books.

What is your favourite hair product?
AG’s Dry Shampoo! Consider it my version of an Italian bubble bath…or however you say that.









Hair by Emily Hartwick
Photos of Keighty by Valerie Legere
Inspiration photos via Tumblr