Christina Culver


You’ve seen the salads and heard of their amazing benefits for your hair, now meet Christina Culver, the creator, Co-founder and Head Chef behind Culver City Salads. An entrepreneur by heart, this energetic go-getter has had her share of life changing careers but one thing is for sure, Christina brings people and ideas together, it’s in her DNA. Case in point, her most recent project to convert her salad truck to solar energy (learn more here).

With a rapidly growing business and a few more secrets up her sleeve, this Vancouver native takes it all in stride. As a self-professed urban hippy, Christina proves it’s not all work; we sit down with her to discuss important topics like Kelly Kapowski, her high school crush and more.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Occupation: Creator of Culver City Salads
Hometown: Deep Cove, North Vancouver



What inspired you to start Culver City Salads?
I’ve always really loved feeding my family and friends. A friend suggested that I make my super salads accessible to the fine folks of our city… the rest came together organically.

Before Salads there was?
Babysitting, snowboard instructing, ice cream scooping, managing hair salons, educating on the sex trade, a clothing line, nail art & running a photo studio/booking artists.

Where do you feel most at home?
At my family home on Bowen Island.

Who is your style icon?
Kelly Kapowski.

How would you describe your own personal style?
Urban hippy.

High School Crush?
Leonardo DiCaprio circa Romeo and Juliet.

Most prized possession?
Granny Smith (my truck).



I can’t wait to:
Go back to Hawaii and sleep in!

Must-have beauty products:
tinted SPF, bronzer, blush & coloured mascara.

What is your vice?
Boring – I don’t believe in those things.

Most exciting professional moment to date?
There have been so many over the years; definitely getting our food truck license was a big one. My first fashion show was probably the most thrilling.

Lipstick, gloss or natural?
All of the above. Mostly natural but often a bright bold lip is just what I need. My hair gets stuck in gloss, so I find that I use it less and less over the years.

What is your favourite hair trend?
I have lots of fine straight hair that I’ve always kept super long. So naturally I love waves, curls & strict bobs. Honestly though, I love that beachy blonde has kind of never gone away… because it’s the lowest maintenance hair for me (I don’t have time for blow dryers).




What was the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

I feel like my life has been a sequence of risks. Leaving various jobs to pursue my own passions would probably be considered risky business. I’ve realized that working for myself is the only way. I have a bunch of adventures to tackle in the coming years… ask me again in ten.

Tell us three things we need to know about Vancouver?

  1. Hike Lynn Loop
  2. bike the seawall
  3. swim at Wreck Beach – bring snacks!

What’s on your iPod?
Whatever my friend Hana puts on it.

What do you love about AG Hair?
I’ve been using it since I was a teenager. I love the simplicity, the smell and that it’s a Vancouver success story.

Learn more about Culver City Salads and their Indie GoGo campaign (only 1 week left). Photo credit: Sincerely Hana and Culver City Salads.