To coincide with the launch of The New Style, we sought out dapper gentlemen known for their phenomenal taste and personal aesthetic. With representation from Vancouver, LA and Toronto we have found three guys with some major steeze who were not only willing to impart insight into their own style but also share some local secrets.

Dave Giglio or perhaps better known as @thedavecoast is a stylish Canadian living life to the fullest in the City of Angels. Scrolling through his instagram, you can’t help but feel a little FOMO. Always up for fun, Dave balances a healthy lifestyle and impressive personal athletic pursuits (marathons, triathlons, daily runyon canyon hikes) with a successful career and enviable social life. How he manages to do it all is beyond perplexing, but we stole a few minutes of this go-getter’s busy sched to sit down and talk style.

Name: Dave Giglio
Occupation: Celebrity Influencer Brand Partnerships
Hometown: Currently living in Los Angeles, California by way of Toronto and Vancouver
Instagram: @thedavecoast

How would you describe your personal style?
Pretty down to earth, west coast casual. Often found barefoot, in skinny jeans, a cheap tank top and a couple accessories.

What hairstyle are you into right now?
Faded sides, long on top.

Hairstyle icon:
Kyle Krieger (luckily, he cuts my hair). Instagram @kylekriegerhair




Style icon:
California surfer boys – I love that sun kissed combination of being totally comfortable but ready for anything.

Current obsession:
Burning Man – I went for the first time this past August, and it was unbelievable.  I have never felt so alive and in touch with what it means to be human – we are truly all connected. Omg, I’m getting too deep here. 

Latest edition to your closet:
Vintage crop tops

What was the last thing you read?
Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser

Three things people might not know about LA?
The beach is more of an idea than a destination, bikes are the quickest way to get around, oh and LA is actually really great.




Website addictions:
LA Weekly, Soundcloud,, BuzzFeed and Scout Sixteen

Favourite thing to see/eat/do in LA:
See | the sunset from Runyon Canyon on a hike after work.

Eat | Horchata Iced Cream Churro Sandwiches at the Churro Borough Pop-up on Sundays in Echo Park.

Do | It’s LA, the answer should always be ‘hang out at a friends pool’.

AG Hair Product and how you use it:
Stucco matte paste – it has a light hold that rolls with my style. It also smells amazing. Oh and I brought the Shampoo & Body Wash with me to Burning Man, the two-in-one for travel was a lifesaver.