#FollowUsToAfrica – Ganze


This past September, AG’s CEO and Co-founder Lotte Davis travelled to Africa with two friends to visit the schools which One Girl Can has built or is in the process of building, and to reconnect with the girls she’s come to know. In 11 whirlwind days they took 10 flights, stayed in 8 hotels, visited 6 schools, and travelled countless miles down rutted dirt roads to remote locations.

Wear and Tear: above average
Fulfillment factor: off the charts.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing their experience here on the Blog.

Excerpt from Lotte’s Journal

At Ganze Secondary School, the all-girls school we built in northern Kenya, we were enthusiastically greeted with ceremonial singing and dancing. We followed this up with interactive sessions that we called Empower Me, and asked the girls what they wanted to be.


We then asked them to start breaking down what the barriers are and how they could overcome them. This may well have been the first time anyone has asked them these questions. We called this campaign I Want To Be. The girls wrote their goals on pre-printed cards and announced these loud and proud to their peers and teachers.


It was very moving to watch their confidence build, one girl at a time, and to know that by simply acknowledging and encouraging them, we will to some degree have changed them forever.

Stay tuned for more Journal entries on the Blog as Lotte travels through the Kibera slums and on to Atanga.


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