#FollowUsToAfrica – Kibera


AG’s CEO and Co-founder Lotte Davis recently travelled to Africa with two friends to visit the schools One Girl Can has built or is in the process of building, and to reconnect with the girls she’s come to know. In 11 whirlwind days they took 10 flights, stayed in 8 hotels, visited 6 schools, and travelled countless miles down rutted dirt roads to remote locations.

Wear and Tear: above average
Fulfillment factor: off the charts.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing their experience here on the Blog.

Excerpt from Lotte’s Journal

In the morning we stopped in to visit the students at the school we had built in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi. Although little seems to change for the better here year after year, there is always an air of optimism and hope that it soon will.


The slums are now home to over a million people, in an area the size of New York’s Central Park. And, with virtually no services offered by the government, like sanitation, garbage removal, running water or electricity, the living conditions are deplorable.


The children seem oblivious to how little they have, laughing and playing like children anywhere in the world. We don’t have much time to spend here today, but we sing and dance with them for a bit and then distribute the bags of lollypops we brought with us.


As we leave the slums to catch an afternoon flight to Uganda, we can’t help but reflect on how these children’s destinies could be transformed by the investment in their education. Although we’ve built six classrooms already, we’re all to aware we need to do much more.”


Stay tuned for more Journal entries on the Blog as Lotte travels on to Uganda.

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