#FollowUsToAfrica – Patongo


AG’s CEO and Co-founder Lotte Davis recently travelled to Africa with two friends to visit the schools One Girl Can has built or is in the process of building, and to reconnect with the girls she’s come to know. In 11 whirlwind days they took 10 flights, stayed in 8 hotels, visited 6 schools, and travelled countless miles down rutted dirt roads to remote locations.

Wear and Tear: above average
Fulfillment factor: off the charts.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing their experience here on the Blog.

Excerpt from Lotte’s Journal

We get up early for the hour long drive to Patongo School, happy to sit and watch the village of Pader wake up to start their day. This is the last school on the trip. When we arrive, the parents, teachers, politicians and 1400 students are waiting to greet us with dancing and singing.


The new buildings are stunning and we are taken aback with the change we’re seeing. We’ve been working here for 2 years and literally rebuilt the whole school. For the people who live here and witnessed their children being enslaved and their homes and schools destroyed, the hope and promise that these new buildings bring for a fruitful future has buoyed the community.


We met with 100 senior girls in the brand new library and took them through the Empower Me exercise. Some of the girls formed immediate bonds with us and couldn’t get enough of what we had to share with them. For 3 white women to come to this remote region and tell these girls not to let anything get in the way of achieving their goals was a message they likely hadn’t heard before. This was my 4th visit to Patongo. I promised them I’d be back again soon.


Racing back to the airstrip to catch the small bush plane waiting for us, we leave with with thousands of photos, reams of video footage, the immeasurable glow of warmth and appreciation from teachers, students and their parents, countless new friendships and a profound feeling of satisfaction and privilege that we have been able to make a difference in so many lives in such a short while.


This completes our #FollowUsToAfrica Journal Series. Stay tuned for more information on the Empower Me sessions, and updates from Lotte’s most recent trip to Uganda.

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