Summer Cocktails

There is an art to proper mixology – and we’re not talking about the alcoholic kind (though we do love an aperol spritz on a hot day) but rather ingenious ways to combine AG products for your best summer hair days. Follow our recipes below:


If ever there was an iconic look of summer, this is it.

  • Cue Beach Bomb, apply to wet hair scrunching and twisting. Diffuse or air dry.
  • If needed, enhance any fallen waves/curls with a curling iron or wand.
  • Finish by layering Texture Spray (for wave definition, shine and frizz control) with Frizzproof anti-humidity spray.


Heat and humidity can cause the hair shaft to expand and annoying little hairs to pop up. The key to avoiding unwanted frizz is sealing the cuticle off from excess moisture. Combined, The Oil, Smoothing Balm and Frizzproof act as a lightweight but powerful shield against humidity.

  • On dry hair combine The Oil and Smoothing Balm together for enhanced shine and added control of even the most stubborn frizz.
  • Finish with AG’s anti-humidity spray, Frizzproof, reinforcing the frizz barrier.
  • Touch up throughout the day as needed.


Give your blow dryer the summer off! Going au natural may be out of your comfort zone, but this special blend will add just the right amount of slip, shine and frizz protection.

  • Spray wet hair with Conditioning Mist (to prep, detangle and add moisture)
  • Combine Details (for definition) and Set It Straight (for added frizz control and a bit of hold) in hands and rake through wet hair.
  • Scrunch, twist and let the sun do the rest.

Image Credits: Tumblr, Fashion Gone Rogue, Visual Optimism, The Cool Hour, Design Scene, Fashion Bunker