To Sulfate or Not to Sulfate?

Over the years, sulfates have been given a bad rap; they are common cleansing and sudsing agents found in most over-the-counter shampoos and soaps, which can strip hair of essential oils and can cause (in some cases) skin irritation. At AG, our sulfate-based products are made from natural and gentle coconut-derived sulfates—a strong staple in our brand since 1989. They are formulated to be gentle on the skin and are guaranteed not to strip colour from colour-treated hair.

For a sulfate-free alternative, we also carry shampoos that use different cleansing agents, which are considered to be milder than sulfates. These shampoos achieve the same cleansing effect and are made using gentle, colour-safe surfactants, which clean with incredible lather.


AG’s gentle, coconut-derived sulfate shampoos

Control anti-dandruff shampoo

Renew clarifiying shampoo

Sterling Silver toning shampoo

Tech Two protein phampoo

Thikk Wash volumizing shampoo

Xtramoist moisture shampoo

sulfate-free options

Colour Savour sulfate-free shampoo,

Curl Revive sulfate-free shampoo

Smoooth sulfate-free argan & coconut shampoo

Refuel sulfate-free strengthening shampoo

Fast Food sulfate-free shampoo