We may not be able to genetically change the type of hair we’re born with, but we can definitely maintain our manes with a little help from AG. In a series of posts, we’ll be showcasing the type of products that will help enhance your specific hair-type. First up: straight hair.

Straight Hair


Flat, volumeless hair is never ideal. We want hair that is weightless with a little bit of oomph and bounce to it. The products in AG’s Volume category are light, airy and uplifting and each one is infused with our all-natural Regenerative Complex, creating the optimal environment for healthy hair growth.

To maintain your hair start with Thikk Wash, a weightless formula that helps boost volume in fine to medium hair. Then follow through with Thikk Rinse, a body building conditioner that nourishes fine hair without weighing it down.

For straight course/thick hair we recommend applying a small amount of Plastique to damp hair to help add shine and volume. If you have fine hair, try our Thikkening Lotion, which help volumize strands from the hair shaft. And for fine to medium hair, try using our lightweight formula Foam that also provides thermal protection from hot tools.

Finish off the look with Spray Body, High & Dry or Bigwigg—it gives your hair the needed volume without the added weight.

Image Credits: Trend Hunter, Fashion Gone Rogue, Tumblr, Allure

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