End of Summer Hair Care


As summer winds down and the sunsets earlier, we can’t help but want to start prepping our hair for fall. All the hours spent outdoors getting that perfect sun kissed glow, our hair has taken a beating from UV rays, swimming pool chlorine and more. So we asked stylists for some TLC tips to cure our summer hair.


Ana Milosavic, AG Hair and freelance stylist, Vancouver, Canada:

Experimenting with my hair can be a lot of fun, but the damage the experimentation leaves me with is definitely not as fun! To combat the damage, I like to shampoo my hair with Xtramoist and condition with Ultramoist.  The two provide my thirsty hair with much needed moisture and shine. Then, I follow my routine with Reconstruct Mask. The mask is great for adding keratin and moisture back into my damaged hair, and leaves my hair smooth and silky. Finally, after towel drying my hair, I like to cocktail Repair Serum and Fast Food Conditioner as my leave-on conditioner (you can adjust the mix based on your hair length, but I’d start with two pumps of Repair Serum and a dime size of Fast Food)—air dry or blow dry your hair.  Together, they leave my hair hydrated, soft, and ready for more!

Tiffany Watson, stylist, @thetenspot, Toronto, Ontario:

First things first, stop using heat! But let’s be honest, none of us are willing to stop using our heat tools. So, we’re going to take preventive measures to protect your hair from any further damage. That’s where AG’s Firewall comes in to save your locks from breakage, frizz and dullness. Spray on dry hair about 6-8″ away from your hair before using any heat tools such as a flat iron or curler and it will create a protective barrier between your hair and the heat tool. It also gives great shine because it’s infused with argan oil (don’t worry, this won’t make your hair greasy looking, just fabulous shine).


Ofelia Johnston, AG Hair and freelance stylist, Vancouver, Canada:

Dry and damaged hair comes in different forms. If you’ve spent this summer trying on the latest hair colour, you might find your hair feeling dry and/or brittle (due to the lightening of your hair). I’d recommend using products from our Keratin Repair category: Refuel Shampoo, Restore Conditioner, Reconstruct (you can use this as a leave on for very dry medium to course hair) and followed by Repair Serum (the latter is a great anti-breakage sealant).

With the Repair Serum, I’d recommend cocktailing it with our Colour Care BB Cream. The benefits from both will help restore the hair: just add two pumps of each product and emulsify it in your hands before applying it to damp hair from ends to roots (adjust cocktail accordingly depending on hair length).

The best thing about BB cream is that it’s filled with Vitamin A & E and the AG Colour Complex; which contributes to its powerful moisturizing abilities. It provides protection from pollution, dirt and UVA & UVB rays, protects against heat styling tools and maintains a longer hairstyle—for your next day wear!

Image Credits: Aillea, Nouvelle, Tumblr, Trend Hunter, Blogspot

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