Ganze Girls Secondary School


In a three-part series of posts, we will share with you stories and achievements from students at the Ganze Girls Secondary School in northern Kenya. In our first two post we introduced you to Faith Kaingu and Faith Baya. In our final entry, we introduce you to Martha Pendo, a bright 18-year-old who wants to be a history teacher.

meet martha pendo


The oldest of three, 18-year-old Martha was born in rural North Kenya.

“I was [my mother’s] first born, for this reason, the family was happy. But the big problem was, my mum was still a student. So she struggled a lot to get the facilities that [are] required for me to grow up. When I was in Class Seven, first term, my mum got sick…she was told that she had [a] heart problem. After some weeks she became very weak and things became worse. That week, whatever I saw, I can’t forget in my lifetime. Thinking about my mother who passed away in 2011, I usually say that if she could be alive, I wouldn’t be suffering, maybe.”

Even with a heavy-heart, Martha, who shares the same first name as her mother, excels in History (attaining an A- in 2015 Term 1), and enjoys classes in Math and Social Studies.

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