Ganze Girls Secondary School



In a three-part series of posts, we will share with you stories and achievements from students at the Ganze Girls Secondary School in northern Kenya. In our first post we introduced you to Faith Kaingu, where her love of books and geography inspires her to be a pilot. Today, we introduce you to Faith Baya and her goals of becoming a journalist.

Meet Faith Baya


At 17 years of age, Faith is an exuberant girl that carries a smile on her face despite losing both her parents at a young age. The youngest of five, Faith faces financial hardship: “Some of the family members are not on good terms with me because they know if they support me, I will end up having a good life in [the] future. Sometimes I pretend to not care, but it affects me.”

A focused and organized student, Faith loves English and Math, and one day hopes to be a journalist. “I would like to have a bright future, so that I can come and help other orphans like me.”

In the first term in 2015, Faith has brought her C+ average up to a B. “If anything prevents me from doing better, I feel so bad, because I am so focused on attaining my dream.”

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