Ganze Girls Secondary School


It’s back to school time and here at AG we’re excited to share with you a few select stories and updates from our students at the Ganze Girls Secondary School in northern Kenya. Many of these girls have persevered through their academic studies, despite extreme financial and personal hardships. We believe in the ability of girls to become leaders – in their households, their communities and their countries and education is the key to helping them fulfill this goal. In a three-part series of posts, we will share with you their stories and achievements from the past year.

Meet Faith Kaingu


Born in a remote village in Northern Kenya, Faith grew up with divorced parents. Her mother, who earns money for her daughter’s education by burning charcoal (a job that Kaingu takes on during the holidays to help), perseveres through the hardship, because they both know the value of what an education can bring. “The person who discouraged me in life is my father, telling me that Standard Eight is enough [and] refusing to [continue] education [for] me,” says Faith.

Now a student at Ganze Girls Secondary School, Faith is an intelligent and hardworking 18-year-old who scored exceptionally high marks in her first term in 2015, in spite of the fact that she was forced to miss so much school. “I did not perform the way I expected. I managed to get a B…I stayed at home for two good weeks only to come sit for the exam. My aim is to get an A.”

The eldest of seven children, Faith finds encouragement from her mother, uncle and her teachers: “My teachers have been the big motivators, especially during primary school. They motivated me by assisting me to continue with my learning, urging that education is the resolution of all sorts of problems.”

Since 2008, Women Leading Change has raised over $1.8M dollars and built 5 schools. We initially set out to build a school a year, but after revisiting these schools, our perception changed. We saw how maintenance and additional infrastructure are crucial for continued success. We have a connection to these schools, the communities and most importantly to the girls. Our mission has evolved from just funding a new school building, to ensuring the long-term success of the school and the girls who go there. Learn more about how AG Hair gives back through Every Bottle Counts.