Perfect for the Whole Family


We love to keep things simple when we’re getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school. So we have a 1-2-3 routine that’s no-fuss and easy to follow with our Moisture Category.


Great for the whole family, while keeping everyone’s daily routine simple, AG Fast Food Shampoo is perfect for all hair types (straight, curly, dry or course). Fast Food Shampoo is unbelievably rich and full of moisturizing lather, just massage into wet hair, rinse and repeat as desired. Add in our Elle Magazine award winning best conditioner, Ultramoist to help restore dry, dull, lifeless hair. After shampooing or use on its own, massage Ultramoist into clean, wet hair and leave on for 1-3 minutes. Comb through and rinse.


And for stubborn tangles, use our Conditioning Mist for kids (and adults). Liberally apply to clean and damp or dry hair. Comb through and do not rinse. The spray in condition leaves out tangles with its ultra-light herbal formula (that smells great!). Conditioning Mist instantly detangles without build up or residue, leaving hair soft, shiny and bouncy. Love the product even more and take it to rehydrate your skin after a round of golf, or to the gym to cool yourself down. Conditioning Mist is an everyday product for hair or skin.

Images courtesy: Gap, J Crew, Milk Magazine, Stella McCartney and Zara.

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