Hair Raising


Be different and stand out from the sea of vixens and Daenerys Targaryens this Halloween weekend. See our costume inspirations and how to complete your look using AG Hair products; you’ll look like you came straight from the pages of Vogue.

Pop Art


Be a living artwork. Inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, achieve this 1960s mod-look with Bigwigg. Specially formulated to support hair where it needs it most, use Bigwigg at the root of your hair to boost volume. Finish the look with Ultradynamics.

Witching Hour


Stray from the typical Halloween witch and shelve the broom and green nose. Inspired by Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2015 collection (pictured right), go gothic chic with your outfit – think Stevie Nicks meets American Horror Story Coven. Start with Thikk Wash and Thikk Rinse to add volume to your hair. Then use our gravity-defying extreme volumizer, Plastique. Back-comb your hair for volume and finish the look with High & Dry, perfect for adding texture with a matte finish. Seal in the style with Ultradynamics.

Feline Frenzy


Inspired by Catwoman, this costume focuses on the eyes paired with a loose unfussed pony or long cascading hair. This look is perfect for second day hair, just spray your roots with Simply Dry Shampoo to help soak up any excess oil and comb through to achieve a cat’s mane. Keep your style in place with Ultradynamics.

Goblin Queen


Skip Ziggy Stardust and opt for David Bowie’s 1980s Goblin King. Get the Labyrinth inspired look by donning on a faux fur coat and style your hair by cocktailing BB Cream with Beach Bomb. Start with equal pumps of each product and mix in the palm of your hands (add more depending on your hair length). Dry your hair with a diffuser, and finish the look using a curling iron or wand and finish with Ultradynamics.

Image credits: Roy Lichtenstein “Crying Girl,” 1964, enamel paint; Gareth Pugh, Vogue, 10 Magazine, Labyrinth movie still, Pinterest.