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To coincide with the launch of The New Style, we sought out dapper gentlemen known for their phenomenal taste and personal aesthetic. With representation from Vancouver, LA and Toronto we have found three guys with some major steeze who were not only willing to impart insight into their own style but also share some local secrets.

Last of our #menofstyle profiles but certainly not least is current #mancrush Patrick Maziarski, a former Television Director/Producer and physical proof that Crossfit does a body GOOD. He may have literally just driven across the country – leaving Toronto to pursue his Interior Design dream in LA, but we caught up with this this tall drink of water just in time to get the inside scoop on a city that he confesses to already missing dearly.


Name: Patrick Maziarski
Occupation: Aspiring interior designer (formerly TV director/producer)
Hometown: Trenton, Ontario

Describe your personal style:
My personal style is always evolving. Right now, I’m embracing a more minimalist approach to my overall look: tees, jeans, crewneck sweaters, ball caps and sneakers in darker, cooler tones. Classic comfort meets street chic.

What hairstyle are you into right now?
Like many men, a receding hairline and slight thinning is top of mind and keeping me in shorter ‘dos these days. However, that doesn’t mean my hair has to be boring. I like a high, tight fade, with a bold line where short meets long. I keep the top at a conservative length, a little messy and thrown to one side in schoolboy fashion. Nothing groundbreaking, but it suits me just fine! Really I owe it all to the gents at Town Barber, it’s seriously the best little barber shop I’ve ever stumbled upon. 

Style icon:
Jude Law. I admire effortless style, whether dressed up or down.



Hairstyle icon:
Again, Jude Law – only because I’m inevitably headed in that direction.

Current obsession:
Crossfit. It’s my past, present and most likely future obsession.

Latest addition to your closet:
Vintage aviator leather vest. I put that sh*t on everything.

Last thing you read:
Wild by Cheryl Strayed (can’t wait for the movie!)

Three things people might not know about Toronto:
1. Toronto has an incredible music scene. It seems that, especially in the summer, there’s an outdoor music festival or concert every single weekend. Make sure to check out Fort York and Echo Beach for the summer’s best shows.
2. Winter doesn’t have to mean giving up your sense of style. Be conscious of the seasons and your warmth requirements, and layer accordingly.
3. We ARE actually on a body of water. Make the effort to check out Lake Ontario’s waterfront or Toronto Islands.


Website addictions:

Favourite thing to see/eat/do in TO:
A day in my Toronto life is pretty standard, and always full of things that I love. To begin with, a crossfit class followed by an almond-milk latte at Academy of Lions. If I’m not working, I’ll peruse one of my favourite interior design ‘hoods: The Junction or Riverside. Later on, if I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll take myself back to Queen West and dine at Pizzeria Libretto (best pizza outside of Italy) and then top it off with a vegan, gluten-free ice cream sandwich at Bang Bang.

AG Hair Product and how you use it:
I use the men’s Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shaving Lotion. The invigorating feeling is second to none and it leaves me with an amazing tingle, clean hair and the perfect canvas to style.

Originally published: October 9, 2014.

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