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It’s hard to believe our guest blogger had any hair woes when it comes to her sleek blonde locks. In Jacquie Alexander’s final guest blog entry, she shares a personal hair story and how AG Hair products helped revitalize her hair back to health.

Jacquie Alexander: Hair Diary


Hair care is extremely important to me, especially since I experienced a lot of breakage after having platinum blonde hair. After numerous scalp bleaches, the hair around my crown gradually started getting weaker, and as the condition deteriorated most of my hair began snapping off. I was left with short tufts of hair and I was forced to wear my hair up for about three months.


For a while, I was literally having a mental breakdown, I mean, I know it sounds so trivial, but to me when my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t feel good. I missed the days when I could jump out of the shower and just let my hair dry naturally. I now had to blow it dry, straighten it and use hairspray to hold all the broken parts down – it was a nightmare.

At this point I had almost given up, I joked to my boyfriend that my only option now was to shave my hair and start again (obviously I was never going to do that, but I was feeling incredibly sorry for myself). I discovered AG Hair products while doing a little hair care research online. I shop with my eyes, so with AG’s beautiful packaging, I was sucked in. Not only was the packaging perfect, the products are made with natural ingredients and are not tested on animals, which is extremely important to me.


The first product I tried was The Oil, a seriously amazing product, which I use everyday on wet or dry hair. It didn’t make my hair feel oily, just super healthy and it kept my broken hairs in place. My dry dead ends quickly became full of moisture and life.



Of course, now I was hooked on AG Hair. I get highlights every couple of months just to keep my hair looking fresh, but in-between appointments I have found that Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo and Sterling Silver Toning Conditioner keeps my hair bright and gets rid of those brassy tones you don’t want, while adding moisture that prevents your hair from drying out.



My other favourite products include that Fast Food Leave on Conditioner – my hair literally soaks it up. Reconstruct is an intense anti-breakage mask, I usually hate having to put hair masks on because they usually want you to leave it on for hours, but this little beauty only takes 5-10 minutes so I love doing it once a week, it smells beautiful and leaves your hair feeling like silk. AG Hair has done wonders for my hair!

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Image credits: Jacquie Alexander.

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