Interview: Jacquie Alexander


For the month of November, we’re excited to announce our guest blogger, Jacquie Alexander! Jacquie hails from down under in Melbourne, Australia and runs an influential and coveted blog and Instagram account. In the weeks to come, Jacquie will showcase her favourite shops, places in Melbourne and favourite AG Hair products.


AG Hair: We’re so excited for you to come on board as our guest blogger for the month of November! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Jacquie Alexander: I am so excited too! I’m Jacquie, I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I am 23 years old. I am obsessed with all things fashion and beauty, which is why I started my own blog Because I Needed It.


AG: We absolutely adore your Instagram account; every image is so inspiring! Can you tell us how you started Because I Need It? We love the aesthetic and look of your website.

JA: I have always loved reading fashion blogs and scrolling through endless photographs of clothing, models, runways and campaigns so I decided to start taking my own photos. My aesthetic is pretty clean and minimalistic; I rarely post colour or patterns because I don’t really wear them. I love posting white on white or black on black and layering similar textures and fabrics. I like to look at my Instagram as my personal mood board with a common theme; if it’s not cohesive I won’t post the picture.

I started my blog pretty soon after my Instagram. I am super lucky that my boyfriend shoots all my blog pictures, but I do want to start posting more so I’m learning more about self timer!


AG: What/who are your inspirations?

JA: I am inspired by a lot of different things: from fashion media and the Internet, to my immediate surroundings here in Australia. It’s springtime at the moment so I absolutely love all the flowers! Of course other bloggers and Instagram accounts are also a source of inspiration.

My two favourite bloggers of all time are Margaret Zhang (@margaret__zhang) and Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit). They both have an incredible eye for style and know how to shoot the most beautiful images.

AG: You’re from Melbourne and currently studying PR. Can you tell us a bit more about your interest in PR and your current studies?

JA: Yes, I am studying PR in a communications degree. I was studying arts before and I took a few public relations and media classes and found them really interesting. I think PR is exciting because it’s externally focused and makes organisations more responsive to social concerns and causes. I’m also really lucky because I get first hand experience with a lot of PR companies and people through my blog and Instagram.


AG: You recently attended Melbourne Spring Fashion Week; can you tell us about the experience?

JA: I sure did, I had the best time! It’s really great to see how different stylists put looks together for the runway and how it all comes together with hair and makeup. Spending time with other bloggers, writers and industry professionals is so much fun! Spring is one of my favourite seasons, I love being able to show a little more skin, but layering is still possible!

AG: I love your shopping tip of waiting a week before purchasing something (that’s how you really know you’ll love it!). What are your current coveted items in your closet?

JA: I had to bring in this rule because I went through a stage in my life where I would see something on Instagram looking absolutely perfect and within five minutes the order was processed, and more times than not it would arrive at my house and I realised it wasn’t actually as amazing as I thought it was. So now, if I see something I love I wait a few days, if I go back to buy it and it’s still there in my size, it was meant to be!

My current wardrobe favourites would have to be my Chanel brogues, Proenza Schouler fringed mules and my Acne Studios grey cardigan (worth every cent!).


AG: Your go-to outfit?

JA: Depending on the weather, if it’s cold a great pair of black jeans with a belt and a plain t-shirt tucked in, with a pair of black brogues and a leather jacket or long coat. If it’s warm, a black or white cami with a lacey bralette underneath, a pair of shorts, some white leather sneakers (I’m a huge fan of sneakers with anything, even a nice dress to make it more casual) or sandals and a lightweight cardigan or denim jacket in case the weather changes. Which it most likely will here in Melbourne! Of course I love to pair simple jewellery to make the outfit that little bit more special.

I’m pretty minimalistic in the way I dress. I’m all about comfort, if I can’t move or sit or eat in something, I won’t wear it.


AG: What’s your daily beauty routine?

JA: Again, I’m not one of those people who likes to spend hours doing their make-up, I get pretty bored and I just can’t be bothered most of the time. My daily routine usually starts with a light coverage foundation, I fill in my eyebrows and put on a little bit of mascara.

Lately, I have been obsessed with coffee scrubs. It just takes the dry skin off your body and leaves you feeling incredibly soft. Every time I wash my hair I use AG The Oil to keep it hydrated as my hair tends to get pretty dry, I also love using AG Reconstruct hair mask and conditioner treatments like AG’s Sleeek.

Every night before bed I apply eye cream bellow my eyes because I’m one of those people who always looks tired, even when I’m not.

Stay tuned next week with Jacquie’s first blog post! Follow Jacquie on Instagram (@jacquiealexander) and online Because I Need It

Image credits: Jacquie AlexanderMargaret Zhang and Vanessa Hong.

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