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To coincide with the launch of The New Style in 2014, we sought out dapper gentlemen known for their phenomenal taste and personal aesthetic. With representation from Vancouver, LA and Toronto we have found three guys with some major steeze who were not only willing to impart insight into their own style but also share some local secrets.

Hailing from AG’s hometown of Vancouver, first up is shop owner Jonathon Litchfield. The store’s motto of “How We Live” couldn’t be more fitting as Jonathon’s carefully curated boutique contains not only his favourite things, but those of his family as well. All are a testament that function and beauty need not be mutually exclusive.

Name: Jonathon Litchfield
Occupation: Shop Owner: Litchfield
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Instagram: @litchfieldtheshop


How would you describe your personal style? 
That’s a hard one. Style is like flavour – you know it when you taste it but it’s not easy to articulate. I like clean lines, natural materials, and pieces that are as beautiful as they are useful and vice versa. I don’t like waste so ornamentation for ornamentation’s sake doesn’t resonate with me. I like designs that are refined to their simplest, most practical form and executed with precision and honesty. I think that Scandinavian and Japanese design achieves that balance so perfectly. It’s not about being masculine or feminine, it’s about being pure. As for clothing, I am drawn to pieces that are simple, slightly technical, with a nod to classic; fashion that is modern but doesn’t take itself too seriously.



What hairstyle are you into right now? 
I’m drawn to two opposite styles lately. I consistently notice hair that’s either super high and tight or hair that’s a little longer, casual wavy – almost a bit unruly.

Who is your hairstyle icon? 
Aiden Shaw. In addition to being grey, which I think is always dignified and cool, his hair always looks awesome without trying too hard. It’s obviously just an extension of who he is – not contrived or over-thought.

Do you have a style icon?
I can’t say I have a specific muse or style icon. When I think about it, I’m inspired by the character of cities and how that is articulated in what locals wear. I love the eclectic yet precise nature of Tokyo street fashion and I’m equally inspired by the way West Coast cities like LA and Portland translate into more casual looks while maintaining a lot of style. I like style that is original and creative without screaming for attention.

Current obsession?
Vintage Japanese indigo fabric. The traditional patterns are geometric and clean but have such humanity to them, especially when they are worn and faded. I think they’re incredible.

What was the last thing you read?
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It also happens to be one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read.


Three things people might not know about Vancouver: 
1. There are some pretty awesome creatives starting to do their thing in Vancouver, the community is really jelling and developing a distinct identity. Spanning from Tech (Hootsuite) to fashion (Inventory Magazine, Wings + Horns) to design (Matthew McCormack, Jeff Martin) there’s a bubbling up of some pretty incredible talent that people don’t realize comes from this city.

2. Gastown, Vancouver’s historic neighbourhood, is full of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and shops – almost all of them independent – and the vast majority of people still think of the area as either very touristy or very transient. It’s actually neither anymore.

3. It’s not really a secret but it really is as beautiful as everyone says it is. We have nature, trees, oceans and mountains in every direction you look. I can’t think of another place like it.


Website addictions: 
I wish I could list a bunch of super impressive news outlets, avant garde style blogs and cool industrial design sites but the truth is, aside from the usual suspects I don’t get much time for surfing the web for fun lately.

Vancity guilty pleasure:
It’s hard to beat a Beard Papa cream puff at sunset on the beach, but I’d take a Beard Papa any time of day.

Favourite AG Hair Product and how you use it:
Stucco matte paste – I run a bit of it through my hair so that it’s got a lil’ something for guidance. Pretty simple.

Litchfield is located at 38 Water St, Vancouver BC. Stop by and say hi!

Photos by Valerie Legere (instagram @valerielina)

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