Stylist Aga Dondzik


Chicago-based stylist Aga Dondzik has always been at the forefront touring with major bands. Since 2008, her salon Rock Razor Scissors has worked with British bands like The Klaxons, Radiohead, American hip-hop artist Yelawolf to fellow Canadians Hot Hot Heat and Carly Rae Jepsen. Since then, Dondzik has been the personal hairstylist and makeup artist for Carly Rae Jepsen. Below is the glamorous travel photo diary of Aga Dondzik — we’d love to be part of her #glamsquad. (pictured above: Oslo, Norway).



(above) 50 floors up, our hotel room overlooking Osaka, Japan. Can you spot AG Hair in the photo? (bottom-left to right) You can’t visit Japan without having ramen noodles! Us being silly, on route to do press in Tokyo.



(above) Hotel glam-life. (bottom-left to right) Backstage at an album release party and at the Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka, Japan. And taking in the view in Shibuya, Japan.



south africa


The entire team got to travel together to South Africa for an amazing vacation and adventure. It included a safari ride and boat trip.


North America


(above-left to right) Roller-skating album release party in LA! And we turned my hotel room into a makeshift cut and colour salon. (bottom) We had a day off in Mexico City and had to have an obligatory shot (or two) of tequila.


Follow Aga online to stay up-to-date with her amazing travel photos. Instagram: @agadondzik and Facebook: Aga Dondzik.