Let’s dream for a moment that just outside our door awaits a white sandy beach with warm tropical breezes, instead of white snowy streets with wind chill factors. While we can’t all jet off to a sunny destination, leaving behind the winter blues, we can loosen the grip Old Man Winter has on our hair. Combat the effects of the cold and tame those pesky flyaways with these three essential hair tips guaranteed to infuse your hair with much needed moisture and summertime shimmer.


1. One of the major causes of static is moisture depleted hair brought on by indoor heating, hotter water and the dry, cold air outside. Use a hydrating mask like Reconstruct once a week to replenish and lock in moisture, restoring body and bounce and adding incredible shine.

2. Reduce the frequency of your shampoos and increase the natural oils in your hair, shielding it from the dry air and easing frizz. For daily lightweight moisture use The Oil on damp hair prior to styling and again on your roots and ends after you’ve styled.

3. Lastly, always use a heat protectant like Firewall when you’re blow drying, flat ironing or curling. The high heat from styling appliances quickly zap moisture, dull strands and destroy the elasticity in your hair intensifying the effects of winter.

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Image Credits: Tumblr, The Dreslyn, Bella Muma, Urban Outfitters, Wolf Club Chronicles, Planet Blue, Feedly, Vogue Netherlands

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