Winter Hair Woes


As much as we love what winter brings: endless layers, cozy knits, the social acceptance of toques as a fashion statement, hitting the slopes on the weekends and the abundance of warm drink selections at local coffee shops and watering holes (hello hot toddy!) – in no way, shape or form do we love what it does to our hair.

Read on for our biggest cold weather gripes, and what to do overcome them.



Pulling on sweaters, wearing our favourite above-mentioned winter hats, and simply the cold air in general, can leave you with static and flyaways.

Solution: Emulsify a small amount of Smoothing Balm in your hands and smooth over dry hair. Focus on smoothing and taming frizz and flyaways at the roots and polishing to the ends of your hair.



Depending on where you live, colder temperatures can mean drier weather. Plus, increased time spent indoors with the heat cranked can also lead to dryer than normal hair.

Solution: Introduce a leave-in conditioner into your routine. After shampooing, apply a quarter-sized amount of Fast Food on clean, damp hair, focusing on ends. Comb through. Do not rinse. Apply 1-3 pumps of The Oil into damp hair and style as usual.



If you live in a coastal city like we do here in Vancouver, winter is not so much about white fluffy stuff as it is wet. And, with moisture in the air, your perfect blowout can be ruined just by stepping out the door.

Solution: Spray Frizzproof liberally over dry, finished style, ensuring every strand is weather-protected. Spray as often as needed throughout the day.

Split ends


Extra dryness in the air can also mean breakage and split ends.

Solution: Our lightweight Keratin Repair Serum instantly mends split ends and works overtime to reduce breakage and increase elasticity. Apply evenly through damp hair. Blow-dry or air dry for a soft, healthy finish.



Dandruff effects 1 in 3 people, and the lack of UV rays in the Winter make it much more prominent during chillier season.

Solution: Massage our newly enhanced Control Shampoo into scalp and leave for at least 3 minutes for maximum benefit. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Use each time you wash your hair while the dandruff persists, then once weekly.

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