AG X Party Skirts —Big Crimping

Stylist Emily Hartwick wanted to create a style that was not only quick and easy to do, but also showcased Co-founder Mariel Armstrong of the Party Skirts’ long platinum hair and her classic yet cool style—what better way to capture both features than a timeless pony paired with edgy crimps.

First, Emily emulsified Infrastructure into her palms and gently gathered Mariel’s hair, pulling it into a low pony and securing it with an elastic. Next in one-inch sections Emily crimped the hair from base to ends. Be sure to leave out a one-inch section of hair that is not to be crimped so that you can wrap it around the pony and cover the elastic, securing the strand with a bobby pin. Next, gently tease apart the pony creating lots of volume and texture. Finish with a spritz of Revamp and you’re set.

Mariel washed her hair with her favourite shampoo and conditioner, AG Sterling Silver and is wearing the Kelly Green Party Skirt, to get your hands on one of these beauties click here.

Video by Candace Meyer | Hair by Emily Hartwick

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