Gifts that Give Back


Choosing the perfect present for our nearest and dearest can be stressful. Finding a gift that is as useful and thoughtful as it is affordable is always a daunting task. But giving back can be the most meaningful gift of all. And it doesn’t have to cost much to be impactful. At AG, Every Bottle Counts and through Women Leading Change, we’ve been building schools for girls in Africa since 2008. There are barriers beyond school buildings for these girls, including not having the means to even purchase the required uniform. For a minimal donation you can purchase a pair of shoes and the daily necessities that help these girls get the education they deserve.



Education is not free in most of Africa. Tuition, uniforms and supplies are often outside the financial scope of families and what little they can afford is leveraged against their sons. AG’s Foundation, Women Leading Change builds schools for girls in Africa that will help lift them out of poverty and start to build gender parity.

For girls who have to walk long distances to school and require boarding, we are building dormitories. But even the smallest costs add up and parents periodically have to remove their daughters from school until they can earn more money. You can help these girls realize their dream of having an education by contributing to a pair of shoes, gym uniform, soap, underwear and sanitary napkins.

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