Texture Cocktailing


No one is perfect, but it’s those nuances and so-called imperfections that are the most interesting and beautiful. So we’ve put together a few cocktail recipes to help achieve effortless hair with AG’s newest products. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

Beach Hair


Get gritty, wavy, effortless cool beach hair. Start by washing and conditioning hair with Cleansing Cream. Then towel dry and apply 1-2 pumps of Beach Bomb and spritz Sea Spray to damp hair. Air dry or blow dry hair then braid hair into pigtails or French braid to get wavier texture. Leave on over night and loosen out braids in the morning. For added volume, use Sea Spray and lift hair at the root. Enhance your texture by twisting hair and spray Dry Wax as needed.

Control and Define Waves


Start off with AG’s foam-free hair wash, Cleansing Cream. Towel dry hair and add 1-2 pumps of The Oil to Texture Gloss (adjust accordingly based on hair length). Using 1” sections, curl hair, alternating directions with a curling iron, flat iron or wand. Reminder: let curls cool/set before touching. Lightly finger comb curls. After styling, spray on Dry Wax for hold and frizz protection.

Wet Hair Don’t Care


After washing your hair with Cleansing Cream, towel dry hair so it’s still damp. Detangle hair with Conditioning Mist and comb through. Emulsify and cocktail Plastique and Texture Gloss and run it through your hair, and slick hair back into a low chignon. Apply additional Texture Gloss to tame flyaways.

Image Credit: AG Hair and Pinterest.

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