MANE MUSE: Coco Baudelle


“I still believed in possibilities then, still had the sense, so peculiar to New York, that something extraordinary would happen any minute, any day, any month. Joan Didion

The idea for Texture was really inspired just by walking around the streets of New York, a certain je ne sais quoi attitude that we knew we had to capture. A style so enviable it transcends time.

Luckily our friend and go-to New York-based stylist, Wesley O’Meara is the master of subtle, undone style. He and his BFF (famed make-up artist, photographer, DJ and all around cool girl, Kristin Gallegos) produced a photo shoot that features a few of their gal pals in their New York City apartments. It’s everything that Texture is about – simple, gritty, beautiful, effortless and of course timeless.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll introduce you to our three amazing muses.


Coco Baudelle
Model and actress

Where are you from, what brought you to New York? 
I’m from Montreal, Canada. I came to New York to start an acting career and live together with my lover.

How long have you lived in New York? 
One year.

What neighbourhood? 
The East village.

Describe your style in 3 words: 
Romantic, soulful and nerdy.


Who is your ultimate style icon? 
Bianca Jagger

How would you describe your hair texture/style? 
My dad is black, so I have a lot of hair and it’s thick. My mom is French, so you have to approach it the right way (laughs). My hair air dries pretty nicely, but it loves a little extra curl and oil!

How do you wear your hair most often? Any tricks?
If I’m in a rush, I love a high bun with tons of baby hairs. If I have 20 minutes, I’ll curl the bottom of my hair, tease the top and spray some of that lovely AG Dry Wax in it to give it texture.



Does your hair ever not cooperate?
When I’m on shoots and I get sprayed with tons of hair products and my hair gets straightened. It makes it look like I got electrocuted and from there, there is no turning back.

What is your typical morning routine?
Wake up, coffee, shower (I like to run a little bit of oil through my hair and rinse it. I wash my hair as little as I can), air dry my hair, do my makeup, coffee, emails and out the door!

How does the city inspire you?
In so many ways. You come to New York expecting most artists you know to be wealthy and have huge spaces, but then you realize that it’s not the case. People work really hard here to make something out of themselves, and they’ll create magical things out of a tiny downtown apartment. It’s a lot more organic than I thought it would be. New York is about people. That’s my main source of inspiration.



Favourite thing to eat/see/do in New York?
A late night banana-split and a full moon make me pretty happy.

Is there anywhere else in the world you would want to live?
I mean, yes. Someday when I’m really old, I’d love a quiet little house in the south of France.

Photography: Kristin Gallegos. Hair styled by: Wesley O’Meara.