MANE MUSE: Hannah Kristina Metz


Fashion is one of the core characteristics that make New York, New York. From Fashion Week, Sex & the City to Moods Fabric (made famous by Project Runway), in the city that never sleeps, fashion isn’t just a new trend you see on the runway, but a tactile expressive reflection of who we are. In our final Mane Muse feature, we’ll introduce you to Fashion Designer, Hannah Kristina Metz.


Hannah Kristina Metz
Fashion Designer

Where are you from, what brought you to New York?
I’m from Ottawa, Canada and came to New York to build a career in a city that has inspired so many creative people.

How long have you lived in New York?
It will be seven years this month!



What neighbourhood?
Bed Stuy

Describe your style in 3 words:
Funny, vintage, grandma.

Who is your ultimate style icon?
No one person, but stylish octogenarians are my favourite.

How would you describe your hair texture/style?
My hair is coarse and straight. And when brushed without product, it’s pretty fluffy.

How do you wear your hair most often? Any tricks?
I recently cut it short (to my shoulders, shortest it’s been in ten years!) and I’ve been enjoying rolling it to have maximum volume at the ends in attempt to recreate Katharine Hepburn’s dream hair. Mostly I wear it straight with a slight turned in curl at the ends. Prior to cutting it I would frequently go to bed with the ends ragged so I could wake up, comb it out and have doll hair for the day.


Does your hair ever not cooperate?
I have to say, my hair and I are on pretty good terms, it’s coarseness makes it very easy to to hold a style!

What is your typical morning routine?
I usually sleep with it in two soft buns so it’s pretty easy, just brush it out and maybe run a curling iron through to get out any kinks from the night and dry shampoo if I can’t remember the last wash!

How does the city inspire you?
It’s the people really. I’m inspired by all the wonderful friends this city has brought into my life. Watching them pursue their dreams has been the biggest encouragement to do the same.


Favourite thing to eat/see/do in New York?
Eat: King Noodle on a Friday night with a table full of friends.
See: The Metropolitan Museum is perhaps too obvious a choice, but even after seven years of so many visits, I’m always filled with awe and happiness that all that beauty is within reach.
Do: Whenever visiting friends ask what they should do I always say just walk. New York is one of those rare cities where walking without a destination will reward you with all sorts of gems.

Is there anywhere else in the world you would want to live?
Italy! My husband is an artist and we spend quite a bit of time over there as it is, but I feel one day our visit will be of the more permanent variety. I could live very happily surrounded by all my favourite art, food and wine.

Photography: Kristin Gallegos. Hair styled by: Wesley O’Meara.