Texture Arrives in Australia


To celebrate our launch of Texture in Australia this month, we’ve collaborated with Melbourne-based blogger, Jacquie Alexander, the stylish face behind the blog, Because I Need It.

all about that texture


I’m always searching for those products that make caring for your hair and styling it super easy and quick. I’m not the kind of person who likes to spend hours on my hair. Blowdrying, straightening, the works have just never been for me – I am way too impatient and I get bored quicker than a 5 year old. AG Hair have recently released their texture collection and I am all about it.

As I said, I love being able to skip a few steps while getting ready to speed things up a bit. My favourite way to wear my hair recently (while my broken ends grow out) has been the top knot. I find this style works best when your hair is maybe one or two days after wash, I take my curling wand through a few pieces here and there and then reach for the AG Hair Sea Spray and go to town spraying it all over my hair. From the ends of my hair I then scrunch them up giving me that beachy effortlessly messy look. If I need a little more texture, I’ll add in the Texture Gloss to help me make the bun a little more tussled. See her full blog post here.



All images courtesy of Jacquie Alexander.

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