Effortless Summer Hair


No fuss, sexy, effortless hairstyles are the definition of summer hair. We’ve got styles to take you from the office to sun-kiss beach days. See our four curated styles that will help you beat the heat, while looking chic.

Easy, Low Chignon


This style works best on second, or third day hair, and it is perfect for beating those long and hot summer days. Start off by spraying Simply Dry into your hair, concentrating in the root area. This will help absorb any excess oil and/or dirt your hair may have accumulated since it’s last wash. Simply Dry will also add a lot of volume, and a bit of grit to the hair, making this style easier to achieve. Next, fasten your hair into a low ponytail, hitting right at the nape of your neck. Do not pull your hair all the way through the elastic, and leave a bun in your hair. Pull some strands of hair out around your face, to create an effortless look. Secure with bobby pins if needed. Follow with some Texture Gloss, to smooth down any flyaways and frizz, and finish your style off with a spray of Aerodynamics Hairspray, for hold and shine. Throw on your favourite pair of shades, and you are ready for the summer day!

Half-up Top Knot


We love the versatility and simplicity of this hairstyle! Start off by shampooing your hair with Cleansing Cream. This gentle, no-foam cleanser will prepare your hair for heat styling, while adding incredible and light-weight moisture and shine. Next, apply Foam to damp hair, and blow-dry your hair with a round brush, or upside down, to achieve incredible volume. Foam is incredibly light-weight, and works similar to a mousse, however, is packed with air-pockets to help add volume without the weight of a typical styling product. Once dry, apply Spray Gel to your hair. Spray Gel is a thermal setting spray, that will protect your hair against hot tools, as well as help hold your curl. Using a large barrel curling iron, wrap large (1-2”) sections of your hair around the barrel. Alternate the curl direction to create a more natural looking curl. Once finished, comb the curls out with your fingers, to break them up a bit and create effortless waves. Next, pull the top of your hair into a high ponytail, and secure with an elastic band. Take your pony, and wrap it around the elastic band, and secure the style with bobby pins. Add some Texture Gloss to the top of your hair, to control frizz and flyaways. Finally, finish off by spraying Dry Wax to the bottom of your hair, to add more texture and movement to the hair!

Modern Milkmaid


Here at AG Hair, we love modern, effortless styles, and this braided up-do is the perfect example. Start by applying Simply Dry throughout the hair, concentrating in the root area. Next, separate your hair down the middle. Apply The Oil to the ends to add shine, and to aid in the braiding process. Braid each side of your hair with a regular three-strand braid, and secure the bottom with a clear elastic. Gently pull on the braids to loosen them up slightly, and to give them more volume, making your hair appear fuller. Next, take the braid from the right side of your head and gently pull it to the other side, and secure with bobby pins. Repeat this process on the other side, crisscrossing the braids in the back for added texture. Pull out some strands of hair around your face for an effortless, “messy” look. Finish off with Aerodynamics hairspray for hold, and Frizzproof for shine and humidity protection in the summer weather.

Grown-up Pony


We love ponytails for those days where you can’t help but hitting the snooze button a few times, or for those extra-hot summer days (or a combination of both)! This style appears polished, grown-up, yet somehow effortless all at once. If you don’t already have wave to your hair, start by spraying your hair with Spray Gel, a thermal heat protector that also has great hold. Using a large barrel curling iron, simply wrap your hair around the barrel, leaving the roots and ends out. This will create a no-fuss looking wave. Next, spray your roots with Simply Dry. This will help add exceptional volume to your style. Grab your hair and pull it back in a low ponytail, and secure with an elastic right at your nape. Comb your hair back with your fingers, and wrap a piece of black ribbon around your elastic for a more polished look. Use High & Dry in your ponytail to add volume and separation, and to make your hair appear much fuller. Finish off with some Aerodynamics hairspray for hold.

Image Credits: Arizona Foothills Magazine, Brydie, Gal Meets GlamThe Coveteur, Self Magazine, Shopstyle