Brunette the Label


From “Babes Who Brunch” to “Fries Before Guys,” Brunette the Label has girls fawning over their tongue and cheek attire. Started in 2014, Vancouver-based Brunette the Label and can be found in stores across Canada like Plenty to Nordstrom in Vancouver. And they’re definitely rolling off the racks in a New York minute, especially when you have cool girlfriends like Jillian Harris, Elisha Cuthbert and Kaitlyn Bristowe sporting your goods. We caught up with the owner, Miriam Alden and chatted about business, fashion and hair.

Interview: Miriam Alden


Tell us a bit about Brunette the Label and how it came to fruition.

I started Brunette the Label as a marketing tool for Brunette the Showroom, which carries brands like Desigual, BB Dakota and Seychelles to name a few. I’ve had Brunette the Showroom for about six years. When we went to Vegas for a trade show, we had made a sweatshirt for myself that said “Brunette is the New Black” – and honesty that was the beginning of it. People were coming up to us saying: “Oh my god, that’s cool, I could totally sell that in my store.” So we made a few more shirts and literally it evolved from there.


All your shirts are so clever and catchy; I assume you’re the one behind all the catchphrases?

It’s kind of funny to call yourself clever, but thank-you very much! I try to bounce phrases off people. I’d usually start with a word and what vibe I want to go for, and then go from there.


You travel a lot for work, where are your most favourite places to visit?

I go to Europe at least twice a year, like Spain. One of the brands we represent is from Barcelona. Every January and July, I get the opportunity to go over there for meetings. And I usually take the time to go somewhere else, since I’m already there. In January I was in Paris – one of my favourite cities. Croatia is definitely up there too; I went to Dubrovnik by myself!

I work a lot when I’m home, I try my best to take breaks – you need to do that. And I get inspired when I travel, with colours, design, and you’re more open when you travel. I always feel more inspired after a trip.


Who’s your style icon?

I would say I have collaboration of style icons, but one of my all time favorites is Emanuelle Alt. I would also love a wardrobe combined with the outfits of Kate Moss, Stevie Nicks, Victoria Beckham, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Florence Welch.

Can you tell us a bit more about the new clothing line that’s coming out this fall?

It’s kind of the same vibe as the sweatshirts; you can wear every single piece together. It’s meant to be mixed and matched. You could have an entire fall wardrobe if you bought the entire line. It’s very West Coast, we even shot the looks in Vancouver, at our favourite places in the city, like Opus Hotel.

Did you ever go to school for fashion?

No, I went to business school. I started in the business as a model, but I much prefer the business side of it. So I went to school and did the Sales and Marketing program at BCIT.


You have a very wide following and support from women for the label.

My thing about business is about being inclusive than exclusive. If I were to pick one pillar of our business, we try to be open to everyone. We sell across Canada, and we carry brands that work in big cities and in small towns. And that’s what I wanted the fashion label to be, something fashionable, but also comfy. While making it focused with the sayings. Like with “Brunette,” it’s targeted, but doesn’t exclude guys and girls from wearing it, because it’s a sweatshirt.


Who would you love to see wearing a Brunette the Label sweatshirt?

I would love to see any of the new supermodels rocking them: The Hadids, Kendall Jenner, or Romee Strijd. Or Adele…. that would make my life!


What hairstyle or trends are you into right now?

I’ve been doing a lot of braids or top/half-pony. I’ve also been really into balayage, but I really want to go with a darker hair colour for fall. This is the lightest I’ve had my hair colour; I told my hair stylist I’m ready to go back!

What’s your favourite AG Hair product?

I LOVE your dry shampoo. For somebody who feels like they’re rushing all the time, it’s so nice to spray it in and go, and not have to wash my hair that day.


Your favourite Vancouver locations:

Eat: My boyfriend is part of La Penola, and I love that for Italian cuisine. My next favourite would have to be Bao Bei or Nook.

Drink: The Vancouver Art Gallery’s patio.

Secret location (it can be a place or thing to do in Vancouver): I ride horses in Langley. I would take someone on a tour ride around Campbell Valley Park in Langley. It’s about a three-hour ride around the park.

Do you have your own horse?

I do. His name is Beau. I do love show jumping. It’s kind of nice for me; it’s relaxing. And boating up the Indian Arm in Vancouver is so beautiful.

Images taken by Valerie Legere and courtesy of Brunette the Label.