New York-based Fox & Jane is a salon that has quickly grown to be a tour de force in the hair industry. Co-owner, Lorean Cairns, got her inspiration for the salon’s homey and welcoming environment from her hometown of Colorado – and she knew she had to bring the same vibe to the Big Apple. Scrolling through their Instagram, you can see beautiful hair colours, effortless styles, and some serious #hairgoals. See our hair-worthy interview with Lorean below.

Stylist Interview: Lorean Cairns

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up?
I am from a small mountain town in Colorado, called Durango. It’s a beautiful place, centered around outdoor life. I grew up on a dirt road in farm country, where my parents still live today. I didn’t even visit New York City until I was in my early 20’s.

How did you get started in the industry?
I enrolled in college mostly because I was told that is what you’re supposed to do. My older siblings were in college, and I followed in their footsteps. I was going to study business, which I now find interesting! I was struggling after my first semester. I just wasn’t interested in college, and it was showing in my attendance and performance. During this time, a girl friend of mine was attending beauty school, and she called me and told me how much fun she was having, and that she thought I would also love it. I called my parents and told them that I was going to attend beauty college during summer break from school. I started a few weeks later, and after three weeks in the program, I was hooked! I knew I had found my calling, and I never went back to college.

You have an extensive career, which includes hair styling for magazine editorials, commercials and fashion shows. What’s your most memorable moment behind the chair?
It’s been a wild ride, with a lot of exciting moments behind the chair. Doing editorial hair is challenging. There are many moments that felt like game changers in my career, including booking jobs for big magazines, and on big celebrities. However, I have to say, my favorite moments behind the chair are those with my everyday clients. I have been a part of weddings, graduations, and even important and impactful moments such as shaving a client’s head as they are embarking on their path to chemotherapy. Those kinds of moments are the ones I hold nearest and dearest to my heart.

Can you tell us more about Fox and Jane?
Fox & Jane began as a passion project. I was really struggling to find a salon to call my home in New York City. I hopped around a few reputable places, and felt a little defeated because the industry can be highly competitive in New York. I had an idea to combine the high end “5th Avenue” standards that I had learned, with a more homey and welcoming environment. Our reputation grew quickly as a warm, welcoming, and unpretentious place to get incredibly high-end hair services.

What does your typical day look like?
I am a morning person, and believe that you have to stay fit and clear your mind as an entrepreneur, as everyday can be a bit of a roller coaster. Currently, we have about 70 team members, and I have seven people who report directly to me. I start every morning with a call to one of the leaders of my company. On our calls, we do a lot of coaching on any issues that have come up for the week regarding sales, company updates, and any other points of accountability. Next, I generally speak to my business partner and General Manager, and create a task list for myself. I review sales, marketing updates, and speak to my accountant or lawyer a few times a week. I also meet with my education lead, to ensure we are staying current with our curriculum.

A big part of my job is strategy. This focuses not only on solving problems, but also on forecasting them. Our company has grown so fast, and it’s my role to stay fluid and support the company while we ride all the waves. I am also a hair educator, and a mentor to a lot of our team members, so even though I am not in the salons daily, I sneak in for a visit whenever I can!

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A style you’ve mastered and can do in your sleep?
I have been a colour specialist and educator for over 15 years. I just “get” how colour works, and how to improve the client’s current style. There isn’t much that stumps me anymore when it comes to hair colour!

What’s your typical hair routine?
I joke that my salons are like infants, and I am a new mom. I remember a time when I was so polished, I would spend an hour every day getting ready for the salon! Now, I find myself at a dry bar once a week, and typically wear ponytails or buns on the interim days. My routine has definitely gotten very minimal!

What are some up and coming hair trends we should know about?
I’m really in love with “hair and style” right now. There is a touch of “organic” to everything we do, and this isn’t stopping anytime soon! We are seeing a lot of playful bangs, and lots of rich, solid colors. I believe that enhancing your natural texture and playing with products and wave patterns is going to be a running theme this fall/winter season.

Who is your ultimate beauty icon?
I consider myself very eclectic, so I don’t really have one. However, I do enjoy beauty evolutions. It’s incredible to see someone really find their style, and come into their own! I’m not a Kim Kardashian fan per se, but to see her evolve from very overdone, and the quintessential LA type, into a full blow style icon has been the most fun for me recently.

I also love iconic beauty, and curves, and it’s wonderful to see Ashley Graham embrace her curves. I am curvy myself, and it feels like a small movement is occurring to embrace real beauty.

What’s your favourite AG Hair product?
I cannot live without Deflect and Texture Spray!

The next few asks your favourite NYC locations:
Shop: Aritzia in Soho
Eat: Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn
Drink: Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn
Secret spot: UCB Comedy show called AsssCat on Sunday Nights. Secret spot to see celebrities, comics, and SNL writers do improve for only $10! Get there early!


Image courtesy of Fox and Jane.