Cocktail 101


We love soft waves in the fall; throw on a wide brimmed hat, a toque, or just let them be, it’s the easiest and perfect hairstyle for any occasion. But as the temperature drops it can leave your hair dry and brittle. Wind, cool air and the heat from indoors can do more harm than good on your locks. Battle these hair woes with our two favourite AG products, Fast Food leave on conditioner and Re:coil curl activator, which will help you achieve enviable soft, and supple waves.

Soft, supple waves cocktail 101


  1. After shampooing and conditioning, apply Fast Food leave on conditioner throughout your hair. Fast Food feeds, smoothes and calms hair instantly, while adding moisture and mending split ends. This lightweight leave-on conditioner will add shine to dry, lifeless hair, and is your best friend during the chillier season.
  2. Once combed through, take a dollop of Re:coil curl activator, and scrunch it into your hair. With a curl factor of 3 out of 5, Re:coil will maintain your moisture, and help add definition to your curl. Re:coil separates and holds your curl without any additional stickiness. It creates the perfect soft and moveable wave.
  3. Finish off by air drying your hair, or blow-drying with a diffuser. Add more Re:coil to dry hair if you feel like you need a little bit more definition around your face.

Fast Food Leave On Conditioner


Packed with abyssinian oil, and aloe barbadensis extract, Fast Food leave on conditioner provides moisturizing and healing properties, as well as lightweight condition. Fast Food pumps the moisture directly into the hair follicle, for long term results. Hydroxypropyltrimonium honey (long name, amazing results), helps to repair split ends, and attracts 50 times its own weight in moisture! Fast Food works great on all hair types, and helps to smooth frizz while combatting dry, lifeless hair. Need additional moisture? Try AG’s Fast Food Shampoo! Same great benefits, in a shampoo form.

Re:coil Curl Activator


Packed with our Curl Creating Complex (C3), Re:coil curl activator separates and holds your curl with zero stiffness. Rich amino acids hydrate your curl, and improve hair strength. They also help fight frizz, and help promote the curl. Works great for the curls that need a little bit of encouragement! Herbal extracts sooth the scalp and add shine to the hair, leaving the hair soft, and manageable. Use on its own, or in addition to Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner for the perfect, moisture-enhanced curl!
Image Credits: Glamour Spain, Elle Quebec

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