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From vibrant reds to dark plums, who doesn’t love to change up their hair colour with the new fall season approaching? A good way to ensure that you hold onto those vibrant colours is through your hair care routine. Maintaining the correct pH levels can do wonders in keeping your colour bright and long-lasting, which leads to less time spent in the salon and more time spent enjoying the outdoors. Read our guide below, and see how AG Hair can help you effortlessly achieve those enviable luscious looking locks!


What Are pH Levels?

pH levels range on a scale of 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is considered acidic, and anything above 7 is alkaline. Human hair typically has a natural pH of 4.5 to 5.5. The higher the alkaline in a shampoo and/or a conditioner, the harsher it will be on your hair, and the more damage and colour fading you will notice in your hair. The best range for your hair is usually a pH of 5 to 7.

Why Is This Important?

The lower the pH of a shampoo, the less frizz and damage you will notice in your hair. Low pH helps to seal the cuticle of your hair, and doesn’t disturb the hair fibres. A low pH is also great for colour treated hair (especially freshly coloured hair), as it will help close the cuticle, resulting in longer lasting colour, less frizz, and more moisture and shine.


How Does AG Hair Compare?

All of AG’s shampoos and conditioners fall below a 6.5 on the pH scale, with the lowest level hitting as low as a 3.5. This low pH, combined with the absence of salt, parabens, PABA, DEA, and gluten in all of our shampoos and conditioners makes AG’s products very gentle on the hair and scalp.


Healthy Hair Routine

AG’s Texture products are pH balanced to nourish, condition and gently cleanse hair. Formulated with 95% naturally-derived ingredients, including AG’s exclusive Sea Complex, a blend of naturally texturizing seaweed and anti-aging seaberry oil, AG’s Cleansing Cream and Moisture Mask are the perfect pair for freshly colour, dry or damaged hair. With a pH of 4.5 to 5.5, Cleansing Cream is the gentlest way to wash your hair. Follow with AG’s Moisture Mask (pH 3.8 to 4.8), which infuses hair instantly with moisture, its low pH closing the cuticle to seal in hydration and creating a barrier so colour can’t escape.

pH of Coloured Hair

Colouring your hair raises its pH level up to an 11. This is one of the reasons colour-treated hair is porous and prone to damage and frizz. Combat damage before it begins by bringing Cleansing Cream to your next salon visit. Ask your stylist to use when rinsing out our colour treatment. It will help balance your hair’s pH, close the cuticle and result in less overall damage. This foam-free hair wash is also great for daily use, as it will help lock in colour and prevent fading.
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