#MeetYourMatch – Jet Black


Refresh your raven hair with AG’s newest flavour of Dry Shampoo. Jet Black Dry Shampoo seamlessly covers your roots between salon visits, while natural tapioca starch soaks up excess oil, leaving hair revitalized without any white powder residue. To use: shake the can and spray into the roots, massage with your fingers and comb through for the perfect second or third day hair!

Not only does Dry Shampoo extend your blowout between washes, but it’s also a great styling tool. Follow our How-To Guide below, using any one of AG’s 5 flavours of Dry Shampoo, which comes in Blonde, Light Brown, Brunette and Simply Dry (for all hair colours).




1. THE BEDHEAD BLOW OUT BOOST: Who has time to wash and style their hair every day? Extend the life of your blow out and add volume to second or third day hair by applying AG’s Dry Shampoo to your roots. Spray your ends with Dry Wax  to add texture and grit for that sexy bedhead look.


2. UNDONE UPDO: While super clean hair looks great, it can sometimes have too much slip and shine when trying to create certain styles. On freshly washed and blow dried hair, spray AG’s Dry Shampoo throughout hair, roughing it up while adding volume and grit. Secure hair in a top knot, side braid or voluminous pony. Make it extra undone by pulling out pieces around the face.


3. SHADOW OMBRE: Create dimension in your light brown, blonde or platinum hair by adding subtle black streaks in the root and bang area. Start by spraying Jet Black Dry Shampoo in your roots, and massage into the hair. Instant ombre! Show off this subtle cool girl colour with boxer braids.

Image Credit: AG Hair, Tumblr, Vogue Spain, Erin Maxwell and Brittany Nicole.

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