Copper Colour Care


Fall is here, and it’s only fitting that this pumpkin-spiced colouring has peaked in popularity as we approach Halloween. Whether you prefer soft and subtle or bold and bright, there are many ways to wear this season’s hottest hues.


Why not pack-a-punch introducing vivid tints and fiery highlights, perfect for those of you with warmer complexions. Alternatively, opt for a whole head refresh introducing coppery accents and auburn undertones great for fair-haired girls.
As with any dye job, it’s important to show your strands some TLC. Opt for our Colour Care category to prolong the life of your hair colour and avoid rapid discolouration or fading. The Colour Savour sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses and soothes hair. Paired with the Colour Savour conditioner, this winning combination will revitalize your rusty-reds, keeping them vibrant for longer.


Keeping your locks hydrated is essential for coloured hair. Follow up your regular haircare routine with a weekly treatment to repair and restore moisture. AG’s Moisture Mask is an intense cocktail of highly hydrating ingredients, penetrating deep into the hair shaft to lock in moisture and add shine.

Image Credits: Dianne Van Rompaey for Joe Fresh, Instagram, Tumblr

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