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Longer hair, from structured to unkempt styles, are the recent trend among men, and we love that they’re having more fun and adventure with their hair. See three styles we’re currently loving, and how to re-create them yourself with the help of AG’s Style category.

Natural Texture


Natural texture has made a comeback in men’s (and women’s) style trends recently. It pairs well with all hair lengths, and works great with a coif or a pompadour. To achieve this easy style, start by shampooing and conditioning with Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shave Lotion. The invigorating cleanser and lotion will promote a healthier scalp and fuller, thicker hair. Next, scrunch some Styling Jel into your damp hair, and let your hair air dry. Styling Jel will add definition and hold to your curls, and help them last all day. Styling Jel is alcohol-free and is guaranteed to not build up or flake.

Slicked Back


Pat Zileri’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection debuted edgy, slicked back hairstyles. We love the versatility of the style, which can take you from day to night. Prep your hair for styling with Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shave Lotion duo. Next, take some Welding Paste and comb your hair back with your fingers. For a more controlled look, use a small-toothed comb instead of your fingers. Welding Paste adds steel-strength hold, and humidity resistance – as a bonus, it also washes out of hair effortlessly!

Lived in Texture


The “woke up like this” look is a controlled and simple style to achieve on a daily basis. Shampoo and condition with Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shave Lotion for moisture and invigoration. Next, apply Texture Paste throughout your hair, rubbing it into the front of your hair. Texture Paste creates a casual unfussed look, and adds long lasting hold and separation. With a hold factor of 3.5 out of 5, Texture Paste is never stiff, sticky or greasy, and can be re-applied throughout the day for additional texture.

Image Credits: Tumblr, Sascha Breuer, Interior Design Ideas

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