Autumn in New York


A city of seasons, fall is arguably New York’s finest. The sun is out, the trees are turning and there is just enough of a chill in the air to complete your outfit with a light jacket. AG recently returned from New York, where we were shooting our 2017 campaign, inspired by the buzz of the big apple and the beauty of fall.

Walking into Milk Studios (a state of the art photo studio in Chelsea, right off the High Line), we were met with familiar faces. The team had all worked together on last year’s campaign shoot and things picked up right where they had left off.


Model and muse, Maritza Veer was the face of AG’s super successful Texture launch, and it was a blast working with her again. Confident and personable, Maritza is as beautiful on the inside as she is out. Her contagious energy and overall approach embodies the AG Woman.

Renowned fashion photographer, Nagi Sakai has shot for all the major books – Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair, V Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Marie Claire Italia, German GQ among countless others. AG was lucky to work with him last year and knew immediately we want to work with him again. Nagi describes his aesthetic as “crisp and clean” and he is always “playing with space and colours.” Building on the success of last year’s shoot, Nagi led the team and brought the vision of AG’s Creative Team to life.


Longtime friend of AG, Wesley O’Meara has been working with us for over four years on photo shoots as well as providing direction and feedback on new products. Wesley inherently understands our brand, creating approachable and covetable looks. A true perfectionist, every hair is purposely placed.

Another longtime friend is make up artist Jenny Kanavaros who has worked on a number of AG campaigns. The master of minimalism, Jenny uses a subtle approach to make a powerful statement. Simple, sophisticated and natural, her make up highlights the effortless and undone hairstyles that AG is known for.


It was a pleasure working with Stylist, Katie Burnett for the second year in a row. Also doubling as the Fashion Director for Centrefold Magazine, Katie has a keen eye for detail and knows exactly what will work to complete a look. She immediately understood the AG brand and pulled beautiful pieces that complemented instead of competed with each hair style.

It was an honour to put together a team of such talented individuals who all worked tirelessly over the week to create images we are all proud of and campaigns we are excited to launch. Here is a little sneak peek, but stay tuned for so much more.


Behind The Scenes Photos by: Valerie Lina Photography