Wake Up to Good Hair


As the days get shorter and colder, we want to spend less of our morning getting ready, and more time sleeping in. So press that snooze button one more time, as AG Hair has your morning routine covered with tips and tricks to a good hair day.

Indulge in Silk


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase (opposed to a cotton one) greatly reduces bed head hair that plagues so many of us in the morning. The natural fibres and slip of the silk is calming on the tresses, providing a gentle surface that results in less tangles, damage and split ends. A silk pillow case helps preserve your style, and ensures your locks stay sleek and glossy in the morning.

Braid It


Achieve waves overnight with no heat tools required! Start by applying The Oil throughout your hair. This will help with the braiding process, as well as diffuse frizz and add incredible shine. If you have straight hair, opt for Sea Spray or Beach Bomb, for added texture. Split your hair into sections, and use a simple three-strand braid to plait your hair. The more braids and the smaller the braid, the tighter of a curl you will achieve. For effortless looking waves, create about six braids. Pull the braids out in the morning, and comb through with fingers. Spray some Dry Wax throughout to achieve separation and hold to your waves.

Loose Topknot


Preserve your blowout and keep your volume and curls intact. Flip your hair upside down, and collect into a loose, high bun. Secure with a crease-free elastic. In the morning, take out the bun, and spray Simply Dry Shampoo into your hair, or any of our other flavours. This will help your mane gain volume, and soak up any excess oils you may have acquired overnight.

Overnight Treatment


If you typically wash your hair in the morning, why not make your morning easier by starting the process the night before? Apply Moisture Mask to your hair, and leave in overnight. The moisture intense formulation will penetrate deep into the hair shaft, and seal your cuticle for long-term effects. In the morning, rinse off the mask with Cleansing Cream. The foam-free cleanser’s menthol sensation is the perfect solution to wake up your senses in the morning. It will aid in your blowout process by nourishing the hair and eliminating frizz, and will ensure that your colour stays vibrant, even if the outdoors look dull and dreary.

Image Credits: Pinterest, Anna Ewers x Mango, Katya Konstantinova x Dazed and Confused, Michelle Boyd, Blanca Padilla