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With so many different personalities in the household, it’s hard to agree on many things. We know, however, that everyone can agree on a good hair day! Let us save you time and effort by simplifying your haircare routine. We have compiled a list of our favourite family-friendly products that are versatile enough for everyone’s hair wants and needs.

Cleansing Cream

Save time in the shower without sacrificing the health and integrity of your hair. Cleansing Cream works as a shampoo and conditioner all in one. The foam-free cleanser is extremely gentle on all hair types, including fine, children’s hair. Colour-safe and moisture infused, it will add life and shine to even the most damaged strands. And the invigorating menthol is perfect for waking up your sleepy teenager in their morning shower.


Love swimming practice, but hate how chlorine affects your hair? Use Renew to help remove chlorine and mineral deposits, and eliminate the green hue that can show up in blonde hair. This shampoo also works great for anyone who may notice product build-up. Use twice a month, or as often as needed, to keep hair at its healthiest.

Conditioning Mist

Great for kids (and adults), Conditioning Mist adds light moisture and shine to hair, while working as an incredible detangler. Spray onto damp hair, and use a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling and breakage and effortlessly brush out tangles.

Tip: Bring Conditioning Mist to the beach or the pool, and spray on hair to protect your hair against the elements. A must-pack for vacations!


Getting kids to sit still long enough to finish blow-drying can be tough. Spray Deflect through their hair (and yours) to help speed up drying time, while also protecting hair against the heat. Infused with Abyssinian oil, Deflect’s super lightweight formula adds smoothness, slip and shine. The CARE (Colour and Radiance Enhancing) Complex also guards against UV rays, keeping hair healthy, and colour bright.

Sea Spray

Add movement and waves to your style with the help of Sea Spray. Formulated with over 90% naturally derived ingredients, Sea Spray brings the beach to your hair without having to travel. Spray and scrunch into damp hair to enhance natural texture. Salt free, and infused with naturally texturizing seaweed and seaberry oil, Sea Spray helps you accentuate your curls without drying them out.

Image Credits: @cindycrawford, Male Model Scene, Tumblr, Valonz, The Fashion Spot, Priscilla Gragg, Models Dot, @alishanesvat, Bite The Buzz, Pinterest

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