Minimalist Hair Cleanse

Healthy hair starts in the shower. Vegan-friendly and formulated with over 98% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients, AG’s 3-step regimen is packed with nutritious ingredients that help nourish your hair. Ideal for all hair types (including colour-treated hair), organic apple cider vinegar closes the cuticle to seal in moisture and lock in colour. The rich lather of Balance, the creamy consistency of Boost and the essential oil-based fragrances provide a spa-like aromatherapy experience and create the basis for a good mood and a good hair day. Follow the 3 steps below for healthier-looking hair.

Step 1 – BALANCE

Gently cleanses hair and scalp while balancing the pH. The slight acidity helps remove buildup and closes the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and making hair look smoother and healthier.

Massage into wet hair. Rinse and repeat as desired.

Step 2 – BOOST

After balancing hair and scalp, it’s time to boost it full of healthy ingredients and essential fatty acids. Coconut oil, mango seed butter, rapeseed oil, rosehip oil, olive leaf extract, shea butter, hydrolyzed quinoa and organic apple cider vinegar nourish the hair cuticle, helping lock in moisture and leaving hair feeling smoother.

Massage into clean, damp hair for 1-3 minutes. Comb through. Rinse.

Step 3 – REMEDY

Reinforce with Remedy. This leave on mist is chock-full of healthy ingredients, like apple cider vinegar that ensures the cuticle stays closed for smooth and shiny hair. Remedy also detangles, restores strength and elasticity, and locks in moisture.

Spray in clean, damp hair. Do not wash out. Blow or air dry and style as usual.

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