Pursuit of Healthy Hair

We are all in pursuit of great hair days. While it is nearly impossible to prevent every type of hair damage, we are all sheepishly guilty of committing crimes against our manes, which can stop hair from feeling and looking its finest. A few small changes and TLC can restore hair to prime health.

Skipping Treatments

Healthy hair never goes out of style, and hydration is key. Deep conditioning at least once a week can restore your hair back to health. Use Moisture Mask as a pre-shampoo treatment, and leave on for 30 minutes or overnight (for extremely dry hair). Rinse out with Cleansing Cream. The exclusive blend, which contains up to 95% naturally-derived ingredients, is formulated to rescue straw-like strands by penetrating deep into the hair shaft, to seal the hair cuticle, for immediate long-term moisture.

With over processed hair, it requires extra attention. AG’s Keratin Repair category is formulated to restore hair’s core strength, improve elasticity and reduce breakage in chemically straightened, coloured or distressed hair. Massage Reconstruct intensive restorative mask into clean, damp hair and allow it to sit for up to 15 minutes before rinsing. For a more intense treatment, wrap hair and put it under the heat. Follow post-treatment with keratin-rich Repair Serum. This lightweight, leave-in formula works overtime to reduce breakage and instantly mends split ends.

Heat Styling Without Protectant

It’s no surprise that heat causes damage. Whether you’re blow drying, curling or using a flat iron, it’s important to prep hair. BB Cream does exactly that! This multifunctional hair primer moisturizes, smoothes frizz, protects against colour fading, provides heat protection plus much more (read the 10 amazing benefits here). Apply to damp hair and follow with Deflect for additional protection. AG’s Deflect not only defends hair from heat damage, the nifty formula also speeds up drying time and guards against UV exposure. Shake well and liberally apply to damp hair after BB Cream, to shield your strands. Follow with Firewall, the go-to hair hero when flat ironing your hair. Spray onto dry, sectioned hair before straightening to form a protective barrier between your hair and your flat iron.

Too much heat styling? Stray away from the hot tools and spray Remedy into damp hair. The leave on mist will reduce frizz, detangle, add shine and balance the pH of your hair. Add some Rosehip Balm to your ends for the perfect air dried finish. Rosehip Balm smoothes, calms, and seals the hair cuticle. Put damp hair behind ears and let air dry (or use clips) to create a subtle wave to hair. Twist the rest of the hair around your finger for an effortless bend.

Daily Washing

Shampooing too regularly can strip hair of its natural oils. Opt for a gentle cleanser, like AG’s Cleansing Cream, a foam-free hair wash that’s hydrating and helps remove dirt and pollutants from the hair and scalp. On those in-between days, combat oiliness with Simply Dry Shampoo. Our collection includes 5 flavours, 4 of which can double up as colour root touch-ups to seamlessly match hair colour and keep your locks looking fresh between salon visits.

Image Credits: @gracekgardiner, @melinimartin, @oceanlewis, @christinanadin, @mvb, @savannahblake_, @jenagoldsack, What She Said Blog