Summer Hair Care

Happy first day of summer! Our favourite season is finally upon us, and while we love frolicking in the sun, and spending quality time relaxing at the beach, we also want to ensure that our hair stays healthy and bright in the summer heat. Read below for tips on how to protect your locks, and colour, from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.


Sun protection begins in the shower. Cleanse your hair with Colour Savour shampoo and conditioner as the first step in your summer hair care routine. Sulfate-free and mild, the Colour Savour duo will gently cleanse hair, while proteins and herbal extracts soothe and repair. AG’s exclusive CARE (Colour and Radiance Enhancing) Complex couples sunflower seed extract with natural polyphenols to provide both UV and free radical protection. Hair stays protected, and colour maintains its rich, long-lasting hues.

Are your locks leaning toward the oily-side? Substitute your conditioner with Stimulating Balm. Infused with Vitamin E, herbal extracts, silk protein, panthenol and peppermint, Stimulating Balm conditions and strengthens hair, while aiding in the elimination of excess oil. The conditioner is also pumped full of PABA-free sunscreen that protects your mane from the harmful effects of UV rays.


Once out of the shower, pump your hair full of 10 amazing benefits found in AG’s BB Cream. Apply a dollop of BB Cream to damp hair, and leave on. The multifunctional hair primer fills, smooths and moisturizes the hair, while protecting locks against colour fading and UVA/UVB rays. Humidity-resistant, it will keep your style in place through the dog days of summer.


Throw in some waves, or smooth down your locks for any summer party, and protect hair against the damaging effects of heat styling appliances with Deflect. The bl0w-dry spray dramatically reduces drying time, and abyssinian oil adds smoothness, slip and shine to your mane. Packed with sunflower seed extracts, Deflect fights colour-destroying free radicals, and protects colour from UV degradation, so you can lazy around and soak up as much sunshine.

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