90s Calling

With the resurgence of Twin Peaks and Archie Comics to the Nirvana grunge-inspired musical, the best of the 90s is making a comeback. We’ve taken their throwback looks, inspired by leading ladies like Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore, and gave them a 2017 twist. See how to achieve these nostalgic hairstyles Generation X had to offer; scrunchies optional.

Reality Bites

Plaid, leather jackets, denims, Gap t-shirts, beanies and Doc Martens epitomized the 90s. But the hair was oh so 1960s Mia Farrow on then superstars Winona Ryder and Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. Today’s ingénues Cara Delevingne and Michelle Williams (the latter takes a softer style) are great examples who sport this updated trend.

How To: 

Make hair stand tall, and shampoo and condition with Thikk Wash and Thikk Rinse. Rub Foam into the roots to give hair feather-light volume, and blow dry. Once dry, emulsify Dry Lift into palms, and rub into hair. Dry Lift will provide exceptional volume in the roots, while providing a soft, piecey style throughout.

The Flower Child

Carefree and connected with Mother Earth, the Flower Child style is natural and unfussed. 90s poster child Drew Barrymore had this look locked down. Today, take a page from Miley Cyrus’ look in the new August issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

How To:

The minimalist hair cleanse is a no sweat way to achieve carefree waves. Begin by shampooing and conditioning hair with AG’s Balance and Boost. With up to 98% naturally-derived ingredients, the hair duo closes the cuticle, and seals in moisture for a natural sheen. Spray Remedy onto damp hair and let air dry. Chock-full of healthy ingredients, Remedy will detangle your locks, restoring strength and elasticity for laid back curls. A daisy-crown tops off this feel good 90s hair goal.


Fangirl Milla Jovovich’s Fifth Element orange hair, Garbage’s front lady Shirley Manson’s fire engine red and Gwen Stefani’s electric pink, the 90s were full of bold vivacious hair colouring. Follow the trend, and soften the colour like top model Fernanda Ly.

How To: 

Enhanced with our CARE (Colour and Radiance Enhancing) Complex, AG’s Colour Care category is a coloured mane’s dream. Use sulfate-free Colour Savour shampoo and conditioner in the shower to lock colour in, and soothe and repair hair. Sunflower seed extract and polyphenols keep hair vibrant, while protecting colour from UV degradation. Add BB Cream to damp hair, prior to heat styling, to continue the colour protection, and leave hair feeling thicker and healthier.

Image Credits: Pinterest, Rolling Stone, Elle, Mark Seliger, Camilla Akrans, Stylecaster