Four Day Hair

Here on the West Coast, where it rains 10 out of the 12 months, we try to take advantage of the long days and warm evenings that summer has to offer. Venturing outdoors for a hike, or lounging on the beach after work are the perfect ways to de-stress. So the last thing on your mind is having to wash your hair. Read AG’s tips and tricks on extending your hair wash and blow out!

Day 1 – Blow Out

Begin with a lightweight, yet powerful, shampoo and conditioner such as Balance apple cider vinegar sulfate-free shampoo and Boost apple cider vinegar conditioner. With up to 98% naturally-derived and plant-based ingredients, Balance and Boost will provide gentle cleansing, close the hair cuticle for brightness, and provide shine and smoothness that lasts for days. Add Rosehip Balm hair dry lotion to damp hair, and blow dry with a large round brush, lifting and coaxing hair for additional volume and for a long-lasting, salon worthy blow out.

Day 2 – Dry Shampoo

Keep your blow out looking fresh and revamp it with Simply Dry shampoo, or any of AG’s other four flavours formulated specifically to match your hair colour. Flip hair upside down, and spray the dry shampoo, concentrating in the root area. Simply Dry shampoo will soak up excess oil, while providing great volume and lift throughout. Rub product into roots for a va-va-voom finish.

Day 3 – Braid

Humid day? Move your hair away from your face, and create a braid. Ease the process by applying Dry Lift into roots, and through the ends. Dry Lift will give your hair volume, while giving you more control over the braiding process. Get creative, add in a French braid, a fishtail, or a throwback ’90s pigtail braids (a-la Britney Spears).

Day 4 – Top Knot

Take your hair one more day without washing, and throw it up into a messy, yet purposeful, top knot. Put your locks into a high pony, and wrap pony around the elastic. Use bobby pins to secure. Emulsify some Texture Gloss into hands and run through hair to smooth down any flyaways or unruly pieces. Add an undone look by letting pieces fall out, to give a natural frame to your face.

Image Credits: @garypeppergirl, @liuwenlw, @juliastegner, @maddibragg, @hilisaa, @imjennim, @bwatuwant, Tumblr, Pinterest