Sweaty Hair, Don’t Care

We are strong, we are confident, we are…busy. Daily exercise is a huge part of modern life, and sneaking it in to our hectic schedules can present a few challenges. Washing/drying/styling can be time consuming, and isn’t always an option. Everyone loves a good #lifehack, so we came up with a few that we think you’ll like.

For our SET. SWEAT. STYLE. series, we got together with Vancouver-based Life + Colour Salon and Tight Club Athletics to create helpful How-To Hair Gifs. As Tight Club likes to say, you’re not just training for the gym, you’re training for life.

Post-workout beachy waves? Yes please. Proper prep is key. Set and protect your hair with product, strategically styling to stay in place (and allowing you to give 100% to your workout). Afterwards, cool down, vibe on those positive endorphins, follow our step-by-step gifs for bad-ass beauty texture, and own the rest of the day.

Each week, we’ll be focusing on different hair styles and lengths. Keep your cool (both literally and figuratively) with this tutorial for long, medium-to-thick hair.

Fine hair friends – it’s all about volume and texture. Set, Sweat, and Style with this super easy How-To.

Pre-Workout Prep

1. Apply Sea Spray (a SELF Magazine award winner) liberally throughout hair, adding hold and setting it for your style after the workout.

2. With a middle part, braid hair in two simple pigtails (leaving top section of hair smooth).

3. Cross braids at the nape of the neck, securing with pins, if hair is long enough, tie braids in a knot, pulling ends to tighten.

4. Tuck ends of pigtails underneath chignon, pinning to secure. Add additional bobby pins to ensure hair will stay in place for the duration of workout.

Post-Sweat Style

1. Take a moment to cool down after your workout (try not to rush too quickly). Lightly pat hair with a towel to absorb any excess moisture. Remove bobby pins. Using a flat iron (we recommend our Midnight Heat), gently clamp down the length of each braid, helping solidify the wavy texture.
(No flat iron? No problem. Simply spray a bit more Sea Spray on braids, and let air dry for a moment before continuing to the next step.)

2. Remove each braid, lightly shaking out with fingers.

3. Add hold, frizz protection, texture and volume with a matte finish by lifting sections and spraying Dry Wax throughout.

4. Sweaty hair, don’t care.

5. A bad ass workout + beachy waves. Boom.
Styling tips provided by the talented stylists and owners of Life + Colour Salon, Nadia Domany and Christine Leblanc. Located at 233 Union Street in Vancouver, BC.

Model, Kelsey Collins is a personal and group trainer at Tight Club Athletics, located at 261 Union Street (a few doors down from Life + Colour Salon). Tight Club is more than a gym, it’s a space for those who value active bodies, creative minds and balanced lives.

Photos by Kezia Nathe