Werk Your Workout

Sweating is our natural cooling system. Our eccrine glands (located all over the body) emit sweat, which regulates our core temperature as things heat up. Sweating isn’t indicative of how many calories you burned, or even how hard your workout was, but there’s no denying how great it makes us feel. Keighty Gallagher, owner at Tight Club Athletics believes that when you feel awesome, you generally stand taller, feel more confident, and have more respect for yourself and your surroundings. This often leads to healthier meal choices, a better mood, and increased energy. No one wants to give up those posi vibes. And we’re here to help your hair embrace sweat, working with it to give you post-workout volume and texture.

For our SET. SWEAT. STYLE. series, we got together with Vancouver-based Life + Colour Salon and Tight Club Athletics to create helpful How-To Hair Gifs. Think of them as #lifehacks for your hair. As Tight Club likes to say, you’re not just training for the gym, you’re training for life.

Each week, we’ll be focusing on different hair styles and lengths. Check out the tutorial below for bob-length hair with bangs. 

Fine hair friends – it’s all about volume and texture, Set, Sweat, and Style with this super easy How-To.

Long, medium-to-thick hair types – check out our How-To to keep cool while working out and creating post-workout beachy waves.

Pre-Workout Prep

1. Emulsify Texture Gloss in hands, and scrunch into hair at the root, adding lift and hold. This will set your style after the workout.

2. Gather the top section of your hair, twist into a small bun at the top of your crown and secure with an elastic.

Get Sweaty and Feel Strong

In Vancouver? Sign up for a free class at Tight Club Athletics. Booty Luv is one of our favourites. More than a class for your ass, it combines functional strength and stability training needed for a tight core, strong legs and of course, a banging booty.

Post-Sweat Style

1. Take a moment to cool down after your workout (try not to rush too quickly). Lightly pat hair with a towel to absorb any excess moisture. Remove elastic and shake head from side to side.

2. Part hair in the middle, lifting sections and lightly spraying Dry Wax throughout for volume and hold. Using small sections, twist hair for additional texture.

3. Werk it!

4. Sweaty bangs? Lift hair, spraying Jet Black dry shampoo at the roots to absorb excess oil.
Styling tips provided by the talented stylists and owners of Life + Colour Salon, Nadia Domany and Christine Leblanc. Located at 233 Union Street in Vancouver, BC.

Model, Amanda Kao, is a regular at Tight Club Athletics, located at 261 Union Street (a few doors down from Life + Colour Salon). Tight Club is more than a gym, it’s a space for those who value active bodies, creative minds and balanced lives.

Photos by Kezia Nathe